Facebook Pages

Ok.  First-up, what is a facebook page, one might ask….  Perhaps even so, tell me about facebook?

Facebook, and others like it – are massive data-aggregators.  Their business models relay on people using the site frequently, whilst making connections to other sites and online services.  This in-turn, offers facebook an unthinkable archive of data about people, and everything connected to them.  From personal notes, through to friendships, through to locations, interests, etc.

This in-turn is theoretical “gold” to advertisers (and intelligence agencies) which helps them make enough money to pay for the service and make a profit.

on the up-side – there’s a lot of stuff they give away freely, on the basis that with a few dollars – someone may pay for advertising.  regardless of money, there are literally billions of people on the network.  It is a “walled garden” of users, with very different rules to the broader internet – such as high-degrees of authentication and identity assessment, and as such, is a critical environment for marketing to users.

The Page set-up process is relatively simple.  To begin with, you’ll need to be a user – and ideally, link (incite) all your friends to create accounts, and become “friends”; as this provides your page the ability to gain an initial network of “friends” or “likes” (the start of a digital community).  Once you’ve got yourself your own personal account on facebook, it’s simply a matter of going to the pages link – https://www.facebook.com/pages/ or “LINK” to start creating your page.

Now, before you start – you’ll need two images – one which is a square image, at low-resolution – to use as a logo.  It’s important this image isn’t too detailed, it really must be a logo-orientated graphic, else it’ll look “crap”.  The other image you’ll need, is a 16:9 ish image, which is used as a header or banner for your site.  This can be more detailed, and overall – its very much a branding graphic.

Once you’ve gone through these basic links – you’ve got your facebook page up.  A bunch of buttons will appear, asking you to invite your friends, etc.

You’ll be able to goto settings, and change different aspects of your site, including who can manage it.

There’s a bunch of youtube links about, Try searching google for videos about facebook pages