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I had an interest in computers since he was a child.  Born in 1978, from the early 90’s my interest in computer led me to worked as a computer professional from the mid 90s (as a teenager) fixing / building computers, etc.

Whilst i grew up sailing, learning piano and being supported in my interest in computers (grandpa gave me a vic 20, and later bought me my first, 386dlc, which i upgraded) my family were troubled, as is documented in the press.

It was through my interest in computing, and my talents elsewhere in life (‘finishing school, esk’) and the support of families in my community; that i was provided opportunities that shaped my world. My means to learn of kindness, and to make full use of those lessons in my elected behaviours towards others, responding to them and their needs.  As a teenager person, many families were involved in my care and personal development, this was their choice; as did in-turn, provide a wealth of lessons about personhood, to me.

In 2000, after having sought to build a ‘computer that worked on my TV’, it was suggested to that i think about ‘online data storage’ and was inspired by the tails of a relatives work (eccles) on synapses.  Combining those thoughts with other interests in behavioural sciences (family being prominent in pathology & teaching); I wanted to ‘link’ documents rather than sending them.

I could see the potential for an address book entry to automatically update, alongside the broader opportunities brought about. The first documents written about the idea, firstly called it the ‘crescent network’, followed by iBank.

This led to establishing my first start-up; which ended-up very broken.

The intersections between life, technology, economics and relationships were clearly described by the information systems that were defined; itself, to be an aggregation orientated solution, despite best attempts to do otherwise.

the battle to build a better syphon…

I started again; which led to a journey that went on for about a decade.   I needed to learn about all the facets involved in my design; and learn enough, to understand how to make a secure solution in the future, when it made sense to do so; whilst most importantly, learning about how to build a resilient leadership framework that worked in concert with our systems of law.

I didn’t know much about consumer electronics MFGs, so i collaborated with a contact in Taiwan.  I didn’t know much about  data centres & ISPs, so i worked for some of them. I worked on many ideas and start-ups learning as a living.  I made best attempts to make my own start-ups, but the results were of those attempts led to new lessons about how broken our “rule of law”, particularly access to justice, really was.  (as has overtime, now been so well illustrated)

The main area of excellence shown by me in my work, has been exhibited by works in the media industry where i had an involvement in some of the first VOD,  IPTV, Live Streaming (via broadband satellite) systems; notably including my work on progressing my ‘knowledge banking ‘related work in media technology; whereby after delivering the first IPTV system (over 2006, DSL2) I identified the need to build global ‘hypermedia’ standards for ‘tv’; and found TV-Anytime CRID in early 2007 (aka “freeview”) , identifying the means to make use of it; and got involved (2007/8) in what became HbbTV (which is still not an entirely realised vision, despite its growth) which in-turn led to an involvement setting-up the DCI cinema industry migration.  The sum-total of projects and industries would bring about quite a long-list; whilst noting my research inspired professional history included projects in fields as broad as to have included; medical fields,  education, FMCG/Retail, environment, law, telecommunications, SMEs, energy; whilst not being limited to said fields.

Put simply; I have a range of skills that have contributed towards works, locally and internationally led by many incredible people; that relates to ‘solutions architecture’ and is bedded upon a full-stack understanding of technology.

If something needs to be done, i can generally figure out how to do it.  My views and considerations have been valued by others, globally, for sometime.

Whilst noting, that over the past few years; its had some massive changes.  those who have no basis for comprehension have often made really bad assumptions; and have then ‘run away’, which is in-part, how my formulation of ‘social encryption’ came about; not really comprehending the useful purpose of it in other fields across society as a whole.   The problem often is, when contributing towards large-scale projects (without large-scale investment) is that it takes a number of years for things to migrate from an idea, to a ubiquitous outcome.  No one person ‘invents’ anything wholly, and there are a large amount of sheeple, which is known globally by those who actually do the work; to be a big problem; as it is the core resource leveraged by the attention economy, towards ends that are known to be bad.

If people want to be sheeple, so long as its their choice that’s ok by me.  But if they’re engaging in acts that deny that choice being available to others, that’s a different situation, as it becomes something that can be used to wilfully harm  freedom of thought.

The escalation of acceptable rates, of wrong-doings.

I’d known of, and had accepted disagreeably in past; mistakes made by others that i knew to be wrong, but felt disempowered to do much more than i did at the time, about it.  We are all human, no learning is achieved without making mistakes; and we can’t go back in time; we can only change what we do in the future, as is made possible through our journey of discovery and learning.

I knew the issues i’d experienced, were minor when being considerate of those others lived.  I’d worked on an array of projects responding to the challenges of how man impacts our environment.  The ability to put my mind to the challenge of improving the way societal systems worked being an easy extension to my computer ‘systems architecture’ thinking; whilst learning about politics in the process of so doing.  One was an environmental focused project, which progressed during my time helping it, another (of many) was within the field of fuel-cells; which i felt, could be instrumental in shifting energy economics.

Yet, it was through the education project that aimed to produce ‘community hubs’, that i’d spent alot of time helping the hewett brothers improve; whose story of hardship was then so foreign to me, that I had learned about what it takes to bring about radical change.  Whilst still naive,  one set of points that stood out; whilst transferring their historical works illustrating their journey; that i watched Bill Kelty talk of their earlier work, in the following way…

The problem for so many projects, was that the income / revenue models for establishing innovation projects; didn’t really exist.  It was hard to figure out how to form a funding model for something that was intended to do good, without forming some sort of ‘rent seeking’ framework; as was operated by others.  The means to form ‘industry transition pathways’ became clear; yet as my experiences taught me in other industries, this was far from easy to do.

People may know what they’re doing isn’t the best thing they can do for others, for the environment, for the things that really matter; but what matters most to them, is their ability to economically participate and live with the safety only a job, only income, is able to provide.

I had also found this to be different to the issues and the way they were responded to, internationally.  Whilst working in the UAE where i provided valued assistance towards building a modern culture in a new city, where the means to provide the resources for an emergent modern society was prioritise in ways that were required to conform to local customs, whilst various forms of outreach and experimentation were encouraged;

I learned the distinction between our local problems (and considerations about the relationship they may have to the treatment of our indigenous people); in dubai, a person with a good idea was provided the help they needed to deliver it.  In Australia, a good idea was taken by others to deliver it in the way they believed was the best way to shape that idea for their needs.

This in-turn was a culturally identifiable characteristic, and problem.  My work, on a knowledge banking system, offered a means to shift things; and i started to think about how that could be done by defining plans that linked international works in dubai; with ideas for how to produce an indigenous cultural framework that provided ownership and economic benefit for them, through the means to apply works by linking their heritage with electronic products and services (ie: a game console title) that could change the way our tourism industry worked;  change the things kids, wanted to see here,

that could change the way we viewed our nation, its people, and its history.  To improve the knowledge Australians have, about Australians.

Events in time: that change everything

Primum non nocerePeople throughout their lives will have things that happen, that change everything.  They’re most often, deeply personal and we don’t, go into full details online; which in-turn, has the effect, of shaping artificial intelligence and the information available for people to make use of in their means to make judgements about how it is they want to interact with us.

Whilst seminal agreements on human rights (ie: UDHR) are premised upon the needs of humanity, to form language, that universally support our means to live in communities that enshrine a persons right to ‘dignity’; it is simultaneously the case, that as organic, conscious beings,

the distinction between reality and our knowledge of reality, between reality and information, cannot be made” Anton Zeilinger


When fate slapped me, circa 2009-10, i was involved in transitioning the cinema industry to digital projection systems. This was frightening for projectionists, who often were unable to use computer systems; where they were required to know how to fix them; whilst without them, cinemas were left unclean; and an opportunity / risk for the industry, if the transition was exploited due to poor management. These sorts of ‘industry transition’ problems were not unusual; and a core part of what it was i did in projects over my career, learning. Everything sounds simple to begin with, expertise and the means to be an expert at anything, takes time.  More time than many consider, and more time than those who seek to economically exploit situations are willing to consider or be persuaded to do otherwise, unless law, is meaningful.

It was not a choice those affected by the changes were able to make; this had been the same for doctors who had been required to use internet; and the television, video hire, music and print industry, who were forced to think about broadband; and whilst we ensured our Australian Media industry had the best chance for growth and support of creative people throughout our nation; I was taught some unforgettable lessons that changed my life and my priorities.

I had wanted to wait, until the tooling had been made internationally; but my priorities changed as the sense of urgency was so horrifically demonstrated to me; But, in 2010 i learned that the compromises exacted in business to exploit people for profit; extended to the wilful abuse of the human rights of infant children by employed persons, negligently carrying out harmful acts with impunity. 

What disgust looks like…

I was institutionally enforced that i be taught by low-paid, predominately middle aged women illustrating who simultaneously engaged me in their complaints about their own relationships in their own personal lives; how our system of government provided them power by way of their jobs, that were organisationally orchestrated to game our system of government, and the principles of our rule of law, for their own economic means as they knowingly scarified the human rights of vulnerable children.  These people, desperately in need of mental healthcare themselves; were shown to forcefully and systematically, exact upon others the circumstances of their existence and behaviours, as was endorsed by information policies that limited factual information provided to/by government authorities to persons/courts; as be reasonably employed to exact a circumstance nation-wide that was reprehensibly intolerable.  Their game was to manipulate the circumstances lived by children prior to any means to engage our system of law, as to usurp natural justice upon a basis, that none of them would be made accountable; and that irrespective of the changes they brought about in so doing; any person who truely cares for any child, cannot do anything about what they do; as they had organisationally been made all powerful, and any attempt to change their directives as actors provided industrial scale impunity; would only further harm the child and any attachment relationships left for the child, as a direct result of their negligent and horrific economic attacks upon them.

The best way to avoid harm, was to stop participating, to stop providing them the core resource they needed to add numbers to their continual desire for more budget; and to be responsible in any acts as to promote the otherwise internationally recognised rights of children; notwithstanding the failure of others to adhere to; and/or promote the same; and the way they monetised the use of the resources made available to them whilst knowingly doing otherwise as professionals.

I’d had enough.
Notwithstanding the severe nature of mental illness exhibited by the all too many; they hadn’t been encouraged to seek treatment, rather; they commercialised their malfeasance enabled by it; to knowingly harm kids and claim innocence & impunity, for the instrumental role played by them as adults who as experts had every responsibility to do something about it; they failed to do so, and continued to take the money and turn up to work every day to continue to perpetuate the organisationally known failures upon children, systemically, profitably, and with an ever increasing sense of entitlement.
Whilst such forms of acts are not simply biblically referred to, my Australian Government by 2010 had failed to consider meritoriously by law, the rights of the child.and it became the fact that my role was instrumental to changing law.

As an Australian; the economic history of exploiting the human rights of children including infants, had been made horrifically clear to me.  They did not teach the truth to us as children, they still do not do so when educating young boys; and these morally reprehensible and unconscionable acts are not only endorsed and organisationally supported, but the statement was in-effect made – what are you going to do about it.

As though, those in their low-paid jobs, abusing children, were all powerful. As members of an industry with a shared shameful secret that would be defended by our law-enforcement, intelligence, public service and parliamentarians; at all costs…

The manner in which professionals abuse the rights of infants, with impunity, where if morally prosecuted is sought to be made acceptable by a few tears; as adult, professionals who had knowingly engaged in ‘gainful employment’, build upon an economic model built upon their ability to exploit children, for personal profit; was more than i could take whilst living and breathing.

The fact is that by targeting children, the economic drivers brought about to support jobs that perpetuate harms against children are extremely valuable to those who care not at all about anything to do with human rights.  Human Rights, the rights of the child; was made to be irrelevant, cruelty to children was at that time – entirely legal, or so it was said at that time in Australia.

Yet i knew, this was not something i should take personally; it was a big problem, and the reality was there is no parliamentarian who would seek to be elected upon a basis that they promote, support or finance, child-abuse.

The Challenge made: What are you going go to do about it?

I’d worked in comm’s, I knew full well how much data existed. This situation was entirely unacceptable. I knew, there was no leader who could stand-up to their electorate and advise those who vote that abusing children, is ok.  There was no point whatsoever in targeting the behaviour of any one operator, it was an institutionalised problem that was considered acceptable by the entire sector.  They could be pressed to acknowledge it, and show shame, but did nothing about it; even though, they considered themselves, industry experts.

The information systems were designed to support it. Alternatives technically existed; to ensure, the ‘proper purpose’ was served well by technology, but they had not chosen to deliver this outcome; the business systems to do so, did not exist.  The problem was so bad; that not even the statistics existed to warrant the means for academic and mental health researchers to study the problem or even acknowledge its existence on a basis of evidentiary facts.

This is still the case today. Indeed also, critical research within the fields of clinical psychology, sociology and health are still  ‘to do’ list items.  They do not know the life-cycle cost caused to kids, by adults.

They do not know how the repercussive effects impact relationships, health and the ability for children to grow & thrive to fullest potential.

If children, as adults, seek to have the matters addressed, they do not have clinical studies that advise others how to help them do so.

Historically, it was the case that many aboriginal women were raped. Whilst a fight by Australia’s Indigenous People, notably including the tent embassy,  led to changes where they were later deemed to be ‘humans’ rather than ‘fauna’ by law; and the Australian Government later apologised noting the stolen generation, the problem is still left that many of these women have not taken the matter of their being raped to court.  The problem for many, is that they were deemed by law to have been animals at the time, so the law relating to their being raped, given their race, it has been reported to me; to only be punishable by laws relating to bestiality.   The advancement of our society has changed rapidly over a short period of time throughs the use of technology; whilst our moral choices & means, are poorly served.

The fact that there are pressures and costs does not absolve people of their moral responsibility.  The primary custodian of one’s actions is oneself.” April 2018 Noam Chomsky via email, to me.

The climate; as was defined by our information systems in 2010 was designed to facilitate the means to support those employed by large organisations, to act with impunity had – extended to such an extent; that the biblically reprehensible acts known by all too many, had been profitably industrialised.

The country, our GDP, our means to attend to any issue was made poorer for it; It was shown to not be a concern worthy of doing anything about by those taking home a pay-check for perpetuating wrongs; as is all too easily considered by others, to denote success by comparison to those who live more poorly, whilst doing otherwise. The raw evaluation, money matters most.

Yet I emphatically disagreed.  Made poorer for it, but depends on the modelling used to form any such form of assessment.

I formed the fixed and unapologetic view, that the situation had to change.

That the manner through which the human rights of children were being commercially exploited for economic gain, was reprehensible; and whilst broader social-shifts started to occur,  i started building international apparatus to show them exactly what i was going to do about it.

There’s 7.5Bn people on the planet, only ~25M in Australia; they question I decided to drive home was

What are they going to do about the situation they’ve made for themselves, when the use of technology brings forth an era, in the interests of our nation, via the global platform of vested interests internationally; that can and should be made, to forces them to tell the truth and be recognised for what it is exactly, they done.
Maybe their assessment of hierarchy and success will be then, contextualised; and given what they’ve done, what else can i do…

Whether this analysis is made by international supercomputers linked together via foreign jurisdictions powering Artificial Intelligence to assess their ‘worthiness’ and the vectors of their choices that apply to that; or whether, humility is brought about, and we take charge of our circumstances and power our GDP in a direction that could radically benefit our nation, our people, and our means to help others internationally.  Putting a stop to the wholesale abuse of children is a fairly straight forward matter; it was time to do that.

Tooling as webizen; defining the future as it occurred.

My focus became building the ‘knowledge banking’ platform systems to ensure any one engaging in acts  that exploit and harm children, including infants; as a means to help them get paid that day on the basis that they are made able to do so in a void that is considered to be protected with no data, no ‘verifiable information’ that could otherwise be presented to a court of law; that this, in the interests of all citizens and their children; was going to change.

Soon thereafter; it was the case that a commission from the governor general to teach kids about our ‘system of democracy’ walked in the door.

Whilst i went about working on the global standards required to ensure a royalty free, morally consistent means for life to manifest; through the means to improve the manifest use of our information systems, our government started deploying new departments that sought to do the same.

We have a system of democracy that promotes our means to live by ‘rule of law’, that is the purpose of those who truely seek to serve to protect us all.  As it is the case that even the charter of the commonwealth  brought about an event where pen was put to paper (at an event where i organised for a constituent of the AusCivics materials, the Australian Way, to be played publicly); service has broadly been rendered to discretely denounce the acts of these truely poverty stricken, small minded relatively unskilled people known formerly to be busy, weaponising children for their personal profit.

They can be named, but i’m not going to do that.

I’ll build the systems needed to ensure others are able to do so fairly, honestly and accurately, in the best interests of society and moreover; the children for whom we are responsible.

As it has been an ‘ecosystem’ problem; I believe, the same people will end-up on lists made by others, without me doing anything more than building a better information management system, for humanity.

Our technology, our information systems, must be built to support our needs.

my Considerations in 2018: the journey continues

The means to make use of our technology to support humanity is more important than ever.  If we build systems that should not be trusted to provide knowledge as to form opinions based on the full nature of facts; then the decisions we make as a consequence will exhibit distortions between the values we say we have, as individuals and as a community, vs. those that are shown by history to have been truthfully accurate.

This real-world representation of reality; and its distortions, made intentionally by the unconscionable conduct of those made able to benefit from it; influences our economy, our society and our means to manage our natural world unsustainable.

Who, in their right mind, wants to pay someone with mental health issues that lead them to employing those funds to knowingly abuse children as a means to assist their business (non-profit or otherwise) to retain and improve their economically rationalised business systems.

If knowledge, as informatics, is put in the hands of people; whose going to stop the otherwise very complex statistical modelling from being done.  Did they think their government would pass a law to prevent ‘freedom of thought’, did they think, as an industry, they’d be made able to demand the legalisation of ‘fake news‘ to benefit them…

It’s time we ensure the information management systems we use to power our democracy; eradicates these practices, and that means it’ll bring to bare responsibility upon those whose lives have economically benefited, in contrast to the lives of others who they’ve involved themselves with; due to their role and the way they were made able, to wilful abuse of children in communities.

It is now the case, some years later, that the people who are most driving change are those who (i’ve been working with freely) invented internet, world-wide-web, many of the technologies used internationally to support intelligence activities world-wide; and frankly, the game is largely over.

Webizen; as a website, pulls together the resource produced by me alongside the resources available online, in book-stores, and those that can be further researched in a multitude of ways; to show, how the global standards are now in the process of being re-engineered; and now, its all about the ethics game, and the way others are going to act as to position the Australian Economy, in an international knowledge based capital centred, global economy; and the way the wilful behaviour of persons will influence, the future for all Australians.

The Information management systems we produce to participate in this global shift; should help every generations of our humanity live in a better world, now and into the future.  Through the efforts of adults, to ensure the problems of adults are not made to be the problems of vulnerable children, we will define whether and how ‘fake news’ and the scores of other problems that are otherwise able to be addressed, using advanced ‘linked-data’ systems.

These systems are now fully disclosed on this site as to enable any capable actor the means to make them.  It doesn’t matter if you want to process audio,  video, text or anything else; were able to domesticate the pervasive surveillance  used in relation to our lives by others anyway;  to do far more as adult members of society, in defining who are the ‘good guys’ and who is bad.

The Knowledge Banking Architectural framework is designed to improve our economic ecology off the back of a reliable, social graph.  If citizens need to take a matter to court, they should be able to make use of all the data, to do so.

Akin to the development of libraries and schools in the past; the means for educating persons is based upon their ability to garnish knowledge.  This means, telling the truth is important.  Their means to distinguish ‘fact from fiction’, is important to the development of their nervous system as to define minds most capable fo finding true answers, to real-world issues, overtime.

When the everyone was convinced the world was flat, the person who first highlighted their thoughts of the world being round, and revolving around the sun; was likely not considered to be communicating a very popular idea.

It is surely the case, that those selling tickets to the edge of the world would have been particularly displeased with this, now broadly accepted, point of view.  Question is, where would we be without it…

For children; it is seemingly important for them, to be encouraged to think about solutions based on a true embodiment of ‘situational awareness‘; as those provided the best opportunities, will in future become our means, to attend to widespread global issues.  This is not to say, they should be made to carry the burden in any way; but that is in-fact what happens, when we fail.
Today, we are building our world upon a basis of economic misuse of information management systems.  We’re not employing technology, to solve real-world issues; we know this, and its really isolating to do anything about it.
This doesn’t need to be the case.  We can all do more to change the narrative.

Source: http://survivingprogress.com/
Addressing the Sociological Challenges

People are made to feel isolated, powerless and frighted to speak out.

Statistics and other relevent verifiable data required to highlight real-world issues is all too often kept private or made available in unusable formats.  The means to make use of ‘life data’ that is otherwise seperately stored by different specialised custodians, as to be made useless;  is entirely possible and now those realities are on the global agenda by its leaders.

(You’ll see me in that list shown at ~7:37:50, whilst, its kinda irrelevant.)

The means to make use of people, and the creative ideas they have; that groups of people use to solve real-world-issues issues’, is damaged as to  nullify the benefits that by older texts, suggest should be provided to that person.

The Copyright Clause describes an enumerated power listed in the United States Constitution (Article I, Section 8, Clause 8)

By the modern re:design of our economic systems, that are unintentionally causing harm, our means to address inexorable problems will change radically.

Reality Check & the delivery of ideas, Facts & resources

An International Knowledge Banking Industry has been the subject of design by me, over two decades, to solve these problems.  The work has identified many who lead the world in different spheres to have similar ideas; which in-turn, brings forth a form of movement that is likely to rapidly change the world.  I have had the good fortune to help them, build better solutions for humanity. This means, i’ve had the opportunity to be heard and contribute towards the works led by many global leaders, who are now delivering outcomes that are built upon the works of the few; in communities that i’ve been involved with, for quite sometime now.  The ramifications for having actually done the work; is far more reliable than any bet, on any person, who said falsely that they have done so.  This has been a journey of discovery and iterative testing across a multitude of fields; and it has been my journey.

Fiction may help us dream of solutions that are distinct to our experiences today; but it is the act of our minds and the extension of that via communications, that brings about the means to define real-world solutions.

This site attempts to ‘open-source’, like a ‘hypermedia book’, an embodiment of the works that lead to the real-world commercial solutions that mean we can change the fundamental nature through which all decisions are made. The field of study is not unlike others such as biomedical or nuclear research; the means to make technology does not in itself specify how it should be used.

The means to define your world, is really up to you.   Yet, akin to the beauty of any art, the fact remains that if you try, you might find you get what you need.

We need our economic systems to be built in a manner that reflects our moral values.  This is not occurring due to the design of our information management systems.  I’ve had the pleasure of being involved in defining, with those such as microsoft, and many others, how to deliver upon global sustainable development goals.

I hope the reason why i’ve done that, has now been made very clear.

I also hope, that dignity be better equipped overtime than the apparent ‘misuse’ of privacy work done in past; as to suggest our means of personhood and the human rights considerations able to be made in utility of it; do not slide down a slippery slope of simply denoting humanity to be more simply considered through economic lens as consumers;  of the outputs made available by artificial beings made by homo sapiens (which means ‘wise man’ in latin) whether they be those defined by law as a means to rationalise a group of humans; or those made in cyberspace, that can take away all means for any decision to be made on the basis of reliable evidence.
It’s up to you, to get involved enough, to form value for the reasons why making change, is so very important.  If you don’t value those reasons, neither will anyone else.

At the end of the day; the means to do amazing things, is not about selfishness in anyway; indeed its known to be quite costly to them personally, all too often.

In my journey, i’ve found this to be true for the members of our armed forces and law enforcement professionals; for our local community leaders and those who lead the world.

It is seemingly true, for anyone else who puts themselves in harms way as is brought about by the act of seeking change; as is done by those who stand for the principles, that the health of our communities, that of its people and the environments of our natural world depends upon; as to ensure people are not enslaved to the profiteers who care less for others; that the acts of those later defined by history to have been leaders has all too often been a difficult and onerous journey, filled with mistakes and the on-going challenge to fix them.

Today, there is a movement world-wide, brought about by the insecurity privacy provides wrong-doers, protecting them, from accountability; to build better systems, to build electronic knowledge management systems; that will improve the way artificial intelligence is able to be made useful for humanity.

The only way to solve the problems my lived experience has demonstrated to me; has been to freely and openly produce, publish and make available all the resources needed for others, to change the world, to the best of my ability.

Parts of these works make use of ‘social encryption‘, yet, intrinsically, this is, in-turn, a sociologically refined informatics tool.  A form of apparatus, tailored in the approach through which it’s been made use of, over the many years; to form a comprehensive global framework of tooling that has everything it now needs.  Simple fact is, not everyone needs to know everything; yet,  If you know how to find me; and think of something i’ve missed, let me know.

As i think i’ve said previously; the purpose of this site, is to ensure those who are willing and able to engage in what is likely to be amongst the most valuable fields of economic development, growth and expertise, as a core foundation to the 4th industrial revolution; that this, should help, alongside the other resources available globally – to independently go about doing related work, that can help others.  Whilst the site contains alot of my works, as republished assets (and i’ve not provided the ‘priority dates‘ purposefully); for the most-part, its more about the resources available; and my means to help people think about alternatives and how it is they can be made to work for them.