Personal Augmentation of AI

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is a complex set of interrelated concepts that in-turn bring about the means to programmatically define how software agents are made to work.  Whilst computational power or energy can be applied to solve problems made otherwise impossible; The principle means employ to employ ‘artificial intelligence’ services in a Human Centric Web, powered by a knowledge banking industry, is by way of personally defined decisions.

In this way, the means through which RDF related semantics is applied helps to shape the personalisation of relationships, overtime, with other agents.

In effect, what is brought about is the means for AI agents, to be an extension of self, like a prosthetic instrument. The decisions people make in applications today, can be translated to modal considerations made by those persons at the time; in a manner that can both retain the resolution of decisions made earlier, in addition to providing the means through which personally define changes can occur that in-turn changes the way a persons AI agent behaves.

This in-turn also supports the means to alter the resolution of queries, for example, to decide whether a person can identify the exact location of a person, or the approximate location of a person.  Whether and what is able to be identified through the use of Ai related technologies with biometric signatures. there are many parts to a persons ‘inforg’ and all these parts are able to be interoperable, defined, in-terms of what is able to be ‘augmented’ as is provided to any agent, individually, via ‘knowledge banking’ infrastructure.

The solution to AI, is to build a human centric web, to make it an extension of self.  This is a not insignificant part, of what is brought about by these works.

(this is a quick draft – more on this to be provided later)