Webizen.net.au is an compilation of works that have been built upon a basis of principles that seek to apply the use of technology, for rule of law in a manner that is ‘human centric’. This means that law is a system of democracy should be designed to support the interests of the people who live in that society.

Law should also resource those who work on behalf of the public, to support the needs of their roles to do the job in a ‘fit and proper’ manner, lawfully.

the resources provided here, are being republished from a multitude of former websites and documents alongside other information repositories and the things i remember well, which do in-turn have usefully associated public links.

The purpose of publishing all this work online is to provide a means to help others improved their insights, tooling, addressability, exposure and available informatics; to capture, employ, present and improve our societies accessible methods to assist; in a rethink of – good guys vs. bad guys.

no person is above the law and all should have access to it,  for the purposes of legal remedy, using the best technological tools, that science can provide.  This obligation is encrypted in the UDHR and is consistent with both the charter of the commonwealth and the goals outlined by the United Nations SDGs.

…sadly, we can do alot better as a society, today, all too often today: its the criminals who benefit most, from our insecurity and indecision to fix the problems known about, by all too many.

The problem is, as many will figure out or already know; that the decision to make changes is mearly a first step.  It takes years of dedicated work to figure out how best to solve a problem as is the case in any field of expertise.

The works published on this site have been produced with the aim of helping you, make your rule of law, meaningful to you.  We may communicate in an infosphere that we know to be ‘cyber space’ but we live in the natural world.

Our natural world is made-up of places; and in the place i live, the objective always is to ensure It does exactly what it says on the tin.  My writing is not intended to suggest other systems of government shouldn’t reasonably consider how these works could work for them; but i’m Aussie, and my nationhood and means to contribute to the dignity of life here; is as important to me as it is to others, elsewhere.

I hope considerations are acknowledged to have been made, for our differences.  This in-turn can be put into machine-readable formats, as i’ve described throughout this site; and we’re able to ensure we are better able to consider our differences and the means through which art is our natural world.