Healthy Living Economy

An opportunity to build an application that provides opportunities to test new technologies, in a manner that is socially beneficial.


The Healthy Living. Mobile and Web Applications are designed to aid with discovery of opportunities for people to get involved with something that’ll keep them physically and socially active.


  • The applications will aid engagement by Sporting related clubs of all forms to aid connectivity with individuals.  
  • The application will also support connecting people with similar sporting interests, as to enable arrangement of ad-hoc groups to undertake sports free from organisation of a sporting club specifically.
A Healthy Persona
  • The Applications will offer ‘badges’.  These ‘badges’ are digital objects that can be displayed in relation to a persons online persona, linked to their social media experiences.
  • The application, in providing discovery between sporting clubs and individuals, will seek to support individual rewards and social-marketing (referrals, etc.) as to enhance the number of participants engaged in sporting activities
  • Users will be able to profile their sporting abilities, roles, professional memberships and insurances.


GOAL 1 – Healthy People

To enhance the number of participants improving their health, via some form of regular physical activity.


By enabling a means for people to identify how active they are, it becomes part of the social-value chain surrounding the way in which they treat themselves, and therefore; what information others have when considering them as people.

GOAL 2 – Improve Membership for Professional Sporting Clubs

Memberships with Sporting groups generally, is believed to be declining. Anecdotal evidence suggests that fitness instruction and gymnasium memberships are developing; in a manner dissimilar to the trends exhibited throughout other sporting groups.


The applications will support an array of discovery mechanisms, that is targeted at aiding groups in attracting new members through their existing new-members events, etc.


The Healthy Living. Family of applications, will create a social-networking hub around physical activity, connecting to leading Social-Media websites, promoting physical activity, providing an array of advanced social-media services to encourage engagement between citizens and health benefiting activities, as supported by Healthy Living.

Healthy Living. in-turn seeks to reinstate its brand, leading the way in how clubs and community groups connect with the broader community, seeking to discover and connect – with new opportunities for physical & social activities. Through improving the way supporters of Healthy Living. engage using social-media management, through the use of the Healthy Living. suite of digital products, it is hoped the brand will grow and prosper.

The solution includes an array of analytics solutions that assist in tracking the activity of members, identifying the link between the brand ‘Healthy Living.’ and physical activity.