Measurements App


The measurements application provides an easy to use interface for people to upload, store and use their personal measurements on the web and through their phone.

The measurements stored by the app are accessible online and via a users phone enabling the user to easily find out whether items being purchased by the user will fit when purchasing clothing, underwear, headwear, eyewear, footwear and other things people wear on their person.  By uploading the information and having it stored online in a secure account all a user has to do to is click a button to scan a tag or authorise an online website to access the measurements information, which will then automatically allow the website or via the mobile app – notify the user about whether or not the item will fit the customer or intended recipient of the purchase.

The application makes it easier and more convenient and time efficient for customers and retailers alike through this innovative way of assisting people in making purchases via online retailers and traditional stores.

The information produced by the measurements app is also shareable with others on a permissions basis.  The ability for someone to share their measurements enables others to shop on behalf of the user, without being worried about whether or not purchases will fit.

The customers for the application are retailers who purchase a subscription from the site.  

The Application helps retailers convert their design-sizes and any material related aspects (such as shrinkage, etc.) into a format that is easily converted between one measurement system to another digitally.  Premium versions of the application will also provide anonymised information about the user-base. This in-turn helps designers produce stock quantities suitable for the market through qualitative information made available.

It is considered that the Measurements app will have health and safety benefits for consumers, as small things such as uncomfortable underwear or shoes that do not fit properly can result in long-term health problems and helmets that may result in future damage in the case of an accident..   

It is also considered that the measurement app will assist retailers in many ways, including but not exclusive to aiding others purchase clothing as a gift, enhancing loyalty relationships, improved customer experience with less need for trying clothing on prior to purchase; and improved confidence about purchasing items online.   additional benefits include the capacity for the application to support the development of new industries as the measurements of individuals is already done for members, which means the capacity for individuals to order custom clothing becomes that much easier.



A user is expected to either obtain a measuring tape to measure themselves or to obtain the services of someone else to measure them.  The application can accept measurements in various forms from millimeter to centimeter to inches and other units, automatically converting these units online to suit different merchandising measurement systems.

The Measurements application will be available both on mobile and for desktop computers.  An interactive guide will help people take their measurements, help them easily and privately share their measurements information and remind the user when they measurements haven’t been done for a while and may have changed.

The application will show the user both when they last measured themselves; as well as what measurements they’ve completed and what measurements they’re yet to do..

Retailers – Online

Online retailers will be provided with an array of tools including an API specification, plugins for major content management systems platforms and online tools to help them understand how often the application is being used in addition to being able to provide loyalty discounts to members who use the application and provide approval to the retailer for marketing purposes.  

Retailers – Stores and Manufacturers

Stores and Manufacturers will be provided a set of tools that helps their products easily interact with the measurement app to obtain sizing information and make recommendations to consumers about which products fit best, and whether the sizing is optimal, suitable or unsuitable for that consumer.

VAR – Industry Solutions

Our solution uses W3C Credentialing Technology alongside 2D barcodes that can be generated online through our API and related software products.  We’re actively looking for partners who are interested in integrating with our technology to help their customers provide consumers the best possible retailing experience.

Complexity of Measurements.

Whilst shopping for apparel may seem relatively simple, many will be surprised to know that it is actually quite complicated when it comes to obtaining all the right measurements for a person; in addition to translating that the various sizing and styling available in the marketplace.  each area of the body has an array of different measurements that relate to whether clothes fit, whether they fit well or whether they’re unsuitable.