The Vision

An inforg is an informationally embodied organism, entity made up of information, that exists in the infosphere. These informationally embodied organisms are also called natural agents.

Imagine a world where our information technology is provided in an entirely different way, built upon new and different commercial footings designed to support your means to manage your inforg. 

Imagine if all the core technology tools had been made to connect all existing software systems, and change the way data is stored and made use of to enable you to store all the information about you. 

Imagine if all the things others needed to store about you could be securely linked to your data storage system. 

Imagine if the Artificial Intelligent Agent that interacts with your use of online tools, was defined by you; rather than the publisher or host of your content.

Can imagine a world without banks?  Now consider that we live in a world without knowledge banks.

Our society is able to change to use technology, to make knowledge banking industries today. If it chooses to…

The means to produce and deliver the legal and technical apparatus to define an evolutionary foundation for the knowledge economy is available today.

We can change the way we store and make use of data, in a manner that requires  a ‘knowledge banking industry’ to work, that is built upon works that have technically been under development since around the turn of the millennium.  These global standards based, software ecosystems, establish the opportunity to bring to market – solutions for citizens and their economies.

Humanity has lost control of the effects its information systems have upon it, and a knowledge banking industry is needed to take it back. The need for a knowledge banking industry is clear, present and needed urgently. 

What is a Knowledge Bank?

The technical apparatus provide the means to support a persons needs for data storage and curate the use of information and things, that their information systems powers.  This is not unlike a web-hosting provider, although there are an array of distinct differences.

A knowledge bank provides the standardised means for humans to define the way artificial intelligence works for them.  It does this using semantic web technologies.  All types of applications and devices can be made to work with semantic web technologies, and it is the case today that many already do.

A Knowledge Bank acts as a fiduciary like a doctor or lawyer.  Their job is not to have any beneficial ownership over ‘your inforg’ and as part of their job they need to protect you if anyone wants to get access to your data in any way.

Whilst the only organisation who may legitimately have the ability to force access is the law-enforcement agencies relating to where you live, in your land ruled by law; your knowledge banking provider is designed to temper their requests and ensure they’re lawful.

A knowledge bank provides the ability to ‘time-stamp’ and support your needs for more sophisticated enterprise services as an individual; such as cryptographic tools (access control), security and technical support,  maintain back-ups, protect against exploitation online and support for your privacy.

A knowledge bank provides you a place to store your private and personal information and blend the use of it, via advanced software, with all the other information that is being constantly produced by you, to improve outcomes for you, based on truth and the ability for you to collect the definitive evidence.

A knowledge bank is a safe place for you to store your electronic financial and ‘identity’ instruments.

A knowledge bank provides the means to identify what it is you do, and provide you the means to prove it.  A knowledge bank, provides you the means to make use of the small amounts of information you have and produce, and network it with the knowledge that’s available from across the world to form better insights into the circumstances of your decisions, and how to improve.

A knowledge bank, supports your means to transfer between providers based upon its use of software technology standards. Knowledge Banks provide the fundamental apparatus required to support advanced public statistics that help change public policies and enable your representatives to put the money where its needed to address the problems no one can solve by themselves.

Knowledge banking, changes the media landscape by forming a new medium that is not built upon advertising funded messaging and discovery services.

Knowledge Banking produces the knowledge layer to the web, to be human centric, for our human centric natural world.

A knowledge banking industry also produces a ‘software as a utility’ industry in parallel.  it does this by changing the way applications online work, by removing the means through which the application depends upon storing all of the consumers information to make their business work.

A knowledge banking industry, is core infrastructure for our natural world in our modern age.  Without one, our world will continue to distort uncontrollably.