Setting-up Twitter

Morning folks,

So i’m on this journey setting-up an organisations digital infrastructure, and it’s time to make a few posts about Social Media use.


The senario is an organisation, with a website and a bunch of media utilities which may or may not have been translated to digital.  Common social-media networks include facebook, google+, youtube, p-interest, linkedin and vimeo but there are many others.  These services fit into a description geeks call “web-services”, where the system not only has an application for users, but also an application for other applications – that allow these services to feed knowledge between each-other.

The question comes around how twitter fits into this social-media landscape and lifecycle.

I think the simple way of looking at it, is that twitter is kinda like an internet based SMS Service – people can subscribe to.  The system, being internet based – provides a means for “twittering” links, quick messages – overall, calls to action.

Twitter can link into facebook.  There is a facebook blog note about how to do it here  but there are also videos on youtube

The benefit of linking twitter into facebook, is that rather than posting to twitter as well as facebook – posts into your facebook page, will automatically be posted on twitter too…

So, this is an easy way to get content streams happening on your twitter account.  The next step, is figuring out about the “following” aspects.

Twitter creates internal social networks.  these networks are not linked to friendships in other programs, such as facebook or google+.  their different, use different rules and are managed in a different way.

Accounts you are following (which may represent either people, or organisations) can be grouped using lists.  You might create a list, called “media” or one called “politics”, “environment”, etc.

whether you create lists or otherwise (lists are suggested) all you need to do is search for people, or things – and press the “follow” button.  if you find an account you think might be following others you’d be interested in following too; then you can click, within their profiles; on their “following” link – and browse who that user is following; putting them into your own lists, if you like.

Lists can also be followed; so if you follow a particular party; you might find they’ve got a list of people they follow, like senators – or parliamentarians.  rather than selecting each of those users, you can just select the list and follow that.

this is a simple method to set-up twitter.  Have Fun!!