Web-Services – Marketing Tools

In one of my other posts – i’ve describe a bunch of web-services, used more for internal and/or project management – but how about marketing?

Marketing a business, a group, an offering – is where it all starts.  So, how can web-services help?

I’ve already discussed CapsuleCRM – a basic CRM Platform.   However, this is only one-part of the broader opportunities.  It’s difficult to identify which solutions   suite a customers requirements – without having a good-look at the business, the business owner – and their needs.

Wherever you see an business orientated webservice – you’ll see a link to Mail Chimp.  Mailchimp – helps with sending email marketing messages to users.

Another really important thing – is figuring out how to leverage forms.

A Form is part of a webpage, where users fill-out details to make an enquiry, pay for something – all that kinda thing.  One good option is JotForm It’s free to test-out, and integrates with FreshBooks, FaceBook, MailChimp and a bunch of other Web Services.

Perhaps more essentially; Businesses can really benefit from setting-up links, pages and exposure for your business across the social network sites and other related places on the net – as appropriate to your website.

Some of the basic sites to consider include; Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Twitter, YouTube and other similar sites.

Each industry has specific types of sites that support specific industries.  These sites can include Ebay and other sites that help business owners sell products; other industries, such as travel, accommodation and professional services have specific solutions that help to resource customers and make sales.

Most of these services need Professional Media Services to be facilitated by appropriate professionals – for your business. Whether you need strategy, photography, video production, graphic design, copyrighting or some-other form of professional services – to get your content in-order – it’s a worthwhile consideration, prior to setting-up these marketing-tools for your business.