Building an Economy based upon Knowledge Equity.

As illustrated by the OECD Knowledge Based Capital is a well-known form of asset that is used to make-up a significant proportion of the valuations provided to corporations.  Whilst the technology tools are now well-established as to support new models; the means through which the economically evaluate relationships between ‘the changing nature of work’ and the needs of those workers to participate in the ‘knowledge economy’ as natural persons; is known by technologists, to require an alternative means of information management that is designed to bring to market an operating model, that can be built upon.  

This in turn builds upon the idea that the role of ‘knowledge based equity’ is becoming increasingly important as the 4th industrial era impacts natural persons.

The solution put forth is based upon work I have been developing over many years to establish a technically viable means to build a ‘knowledge’ banking platform.  

Over the past 6 or so years, this journey led me to works on international standards required to evolve the technology solutions required to form a workable embodiment.

Long-term works, known as the ‘semantic web’ were found and it was through the extension of these works that the tooling was able to be evolved.  Whilst I have contributed in various ways, it is only due to the similarity of the ideas and commitment made to them by those such as Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the world-wide-web, and through international collaboration that the technical means to build systems based on technology standards has been achieved.