Tools of Trade

When starting a new “digital business” – It’s important to get the right “tools of trade”, ensuring you understand the technology from a user-case perspective – and become proficient in undertaking the tasks your expecting your customers to undertake as part of finding you, with the digital resources your developing.

If it’s too difficult for you, that’s a good indicator it’s going to be difficult for customers – which at a minimum, is going to reduce your “traffic”, and therefore also – your sales potential.

Tools of Trade in any digital business, should include devices that provide you access to the resources you’re planning to provide your customers, in the method your expecting your customers to access your offerings.

Other tools of trade include Accounting, Customer Relationship Management and other internal resources – to help your business or project, best manage timelines and expectations both internally, as well as externally.

Tim, of MediaProphet, formerly used Windows PC equipment for almost two decades.  Over this time, computers were built – set-up, and used for a host of different activities.  In more recent time, a transition has been made to Apple Equipment.  Although more expensive in terms of hardware cost – i’m continually amazed by the lowered cost of operation, both in terms of the cost of software – as well as the usability of the system and it’s immunity to the vast majority of viruses and other nasties out there on the net.

On Workstations (and laptops) the Operating System – Called “OSX” is based on Unix or Linux – a different type of programming to windows, that means viruses and such written for windows – just don’t work on the operating system…

Perhaps more importantly – The “brave new world” is now very much into “internet connected” devices.  Internet Devices are envisaged to take-over the way most people do most things – computer based – when not typing a letter, writing or designing a proposal – or those other more “power-user” type applications.

Therein; The Apple Environment, has a complete eco-system – connecting TV’s, with iPAD’s and iPhones – with Computers, Back-up storage devices, etc.

Although these types of things can be done much “better” (or rather, with more flexibility) using alternatives – apple just makes it work for the layman.

On the flip-side – PC’s, Windows and increasingly – Google – do offer a range of very good solutions – which do, make-up most of the total user-base out there in the market.

Considering the solutions is an important step to setting-up a digital presence.

We can help you figure out something that might work for your organisation, and we’ve developed a few other outlines to think about – how to get yourself off the ground and into sales.