RWW & some Solid history

Dated 2009, Tim Berners Lee wrote a document about ‘read write linked data‘ which is in-turn supplemented by the document he also authored about ‘socially aware cloud storage‘.  Together, these elements forge what is considered to be the world-wide-web standards based works, on a solution where people are able to store their own data online, in a manner that supports ‘linking’ between online data-sources across the web using the Semantic Web technology ecosystem.

An underlying storage standard has evolved to support the meaningful utility of these concepts, called Linked Data Platform.

Key Academic thesis produced by Andrei Sambra (2013), Joe Presbrey (2014) and Amy Guy (2017).     The evolution of what was first called RWW (note: W3 CG for RWW) was later ‘spun out’ as ‘solid‘ following a donation by mastercard.

Notably, one of the first applications produced to search RWW systems, to create an decentralised index of persons involved, was produced by Andrei and named ‘Webizen’; which is the source of inspiration for this sites name.